Will fracking affect our insurance

Remember when North Sea Gas was brought into everybody’s homes. We were told it would solve are energy problems and be cheap. We would benefit from the dividends of North Sea Gas but what happened?

The Thatcher government wasted it on giveaway breaks instead of creating a revenue fund which could be used when things were hard like they did in

Norway which benefits the whole country.

Anyway on to fracking will it meet our needs or will we regret it? There are issues around the method of drilling, will it contaminate our waters which in this area there are a lot of wells and underground water. Then there is the possibility of tremors would this affect the ego structure of the surrounding areas ie people’s property and their insurance in regions were drilling is taking place nobody has made any mention of this because on your home insurance it is do you suffer from subsidence? At this time I think there are issues which people want to hear, will it be good or bad for the people in the areas were it will be extracted. No one has yet told us if it will save us on are bills, are we going to get ripped off by spiralling prices? It will mean we will have the reserves it may have in America which has saved people money but that is there not here. We thought that with North Sea Gas and look what that got us! So time out on fracking.

Derek Bowskill


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