Memories - Does anyone know who ‘Mr Carrot’ was?

As a boy I lived in Middle Rasen and went to Market Rasen Secondary Modern School where Mr Vickers was headmaster.

Another teacher was the much feared Pop Leach, who drove to work in his light blue Rolls Royce.

Initially I lived in Marsh Lane, but it was considered ‘common’ and was changed to Manor Drive.

My mother Mary Neal worked for Mrs Bradley at the Manor and in my early years my father, Tom Neal, was like a janitor at the sewage works. He was also the local watch mender.

However, I am actually trying to identify someone I knew as Mr Carrot.

Perhaps his name wasn’t really Carrot; maybe Garrett.

On his way home from work he used to chat to my mum at the gate.

He would also give me a penny bar of chocolate - and so soon after the war.

Mr Carrot walked home from the direction of North Street, so I suppose he was a farm worker.

This would be around 1952 and he would have been around 45 years old.

Does this sound familiar or does anyone know of families called Carrot or Garret?

David Neal (known as Pip)

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