Poem : Compassion at Christmas (Saving our Planet)

By Elizabeth Keimach

Oh please be kind and gentle,

To creatures that you eat.

Choose chickens that are free range

If you love your chicken meat.

Hens crammed into a factory farm

Are cruelly forced to be,

In closed off sheds so foully crushed,

They suffer agony.

Most pigs reared in the UK

Spend lives in pain and grief.

Cooped up in pens with concrete floors,

No bedding no relief.

Mother sow placed in a crate,

To feed her nursing brood.

She cannot turn, can hardly move.

Her life is dark and crude.

Sheep and cattle love outdoors,

It causes me alarm,

They spend their lives in concrete yards.

The new intensive farm.

So many of these farms are made

By cutting lots of trees.

It really is so very sad

Our earth just cannot breathe.

The oxygen we get from trees

In forests far and wide,

Is ruined by the industries

So greedy and unwise.

So let your conscience be your guide,

Reduce your meat consumption.

Choose creatures that are kindly bred,

Not the intensive option.