Out-of-this-world comedy coming to the stage in Louth

HIM - a new sci-fi, rom-com is taking to the stage at the Louth Riverhead Theatre for the first time from Thursday, June 7-Saturday, June 9.

Gemma-Owen Kendall , (pictured above), has written HIM.

The play, written by Gemma-Owen Kendall, was the winner at this year’s Scratch Night and has been through a rigorous development process to get it ready for the stage.

This community project, directed by John Hewer of Hambledon Productions, tells an incredible boy-meets-girl story of Daniel, a would-be scientist who’s temping as a university professor to spread the word that there is intelligent life in outer space.

He’s hopelessly devoted to his old school friend Kim, who is climbing the career ladder working at the Ministry of Defence. She’s not really looking for love and he doesn’t really want to confess that he’s an alien - and the story unfolds from there.

Ms Owen-Kendall gives us an insight into what audiences can expect from the show. She said: “People can expect to see a mixed variety of sci-if, romance, comedy and drama.

“As I am a huge fan of Twilight, I wanted to bring this romantic feel of complicated love to the stage.”

Ms Owen-Kendall added that instead of the lead male being a vampire, he is an alien. So mixing together all these genres into one piece has been challenging and a rollercoaster ride, but she’s very excited for the audiences to see the finished project.

John Hewer said: “I personally think Gemma’s play was chosen by the public at our Scratch Night because it’s offering something particularly different to what is frequently accessible in the Lincolnshire area.

“The characters show great depth and are genuinely interesting and the play is enshrouded in mystique.”

Tickets are now available at just £7 each. Call either: 01507 600350 or visit the website via: www.louthriverheadtheatre.com.