Oven and shed fires in Ild Bolingbroke and Boston

Firefighters from Boston and Spilsby dealt with three separate incidents in the area within a four-hour period today.
Fire and Rescue news.Fire and Rescue news.
Fire and Rescue news.

Two sheds in Bartol Crescent, near Carlton Road Primary School, Boston, were alight shortly before 10.55.

The fire was caused by carelessly discarded cigarettes.

Earlier, two dogs had to be rescued from a house fire in Hagnaby Road, Old Bolingbroke, shortly before 10.15am.

It started when a wooden chopping board was left on a hot oven, with both having suffered minor fire damage.

Finally in Spilsby, a small fire at a public toilet in High Street was reported just after 1.45pm today.

Firefighters from Spilsby were left to damp down after using a water hose reel to put out the fire.