Pair jailed for cross-county robberies

Two teenagers who committed robberies and attempted robberies at banks and building societies across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire have been jailed.
Mulhallab Elhaghany and Darius WrayMulhallab Elhaghany and Darius Wray
Mulhallab Elhaghany and Darius Wray

The pair committed a total of of six robberies and attempted robberies at banks and building societies between January 18, and February 1.

Mulhallab Elhaghany, 18, formally of Sherwin Walk, St Ann’s, was sentenced to five years and six months after pleading guilty to two robberies and four attempted robberies at Derby Crown Court today (Friday, September 1).

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Darius Wray, also 18, formally of Deepdeene Way, Broxtowe, also pleaded to two robberies and four attempted robberies. He was sentenced to four years and six months.

During their robbery stint, Elhaghany and Wray either borrowed or purchased cheap get-away cars to help them carry out their crimes.

On each occasion Elhaghany was the look-out and getaway driver, whilst Wray masked himself, entered the banks and produced a series of ransom notes claiming he was armed with a gun.

In total, the pair stole around £9,000 in Nottingham, before moving north in a series of failed attempts.

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The pair were finally caught in Derbyshire after they were stopped in a car by officers. They both had knives and ransom notes.

Detective Inspector, Dave Lowe, said: “This has been a complex case made more difficult by the investigation spanning across three counties. Even though a weapon was never produced at the banks or building societies, these organised robberies left victims traumatised.

“The sentence today reflects the age of these two offenders at the time of the crime. However, our communities will now be protected with them unable to inflict more crime across the county.”