Paul Robinson: Louth Cattle Market is part of a '˜complicated jigsaw'

Auctioneer, Paul Robinson.Auctioneer, Paul Robinson.
Auctioneer, Paul Robinson.
Paul Robinson from Louth Market Auctioneers - a partnership between Willsons Chartered Surveyors in Alford and Masons Chartered Surveyors in Louth - spoke to the Leader after the vote on the future of Louth Cattle Market took place last week.

Mr Robinson said: “I am very positive about the decision, but I am not surprised.

“The enthusiasm of support is overwhelming, and lets put that into energy for the future and make it work.

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“The Cattle Market is not just about selling cows and sheep. It’s a part of a complicated jigsaw, and it is an integral part.

“It’s about the other businesses that go on within the town, and it isn’t just the town of Louth - although that is important - it’s spreads out across the area. It’s like dropping a pebble in a pool, and the rippling effect that goes out from it.

“It affects so many businesses that aren’t agricultural too. It’s so important.”

Mr Robinson added that the existence of the Cattle Market is an important place for aspiring young farmers to go, particularly those who are not in the ‘fortunate position’ of inheriting a farm or having existing personal connections with the farming industry.

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He said: “A small livestock enterprise is how a lot of farmers started in the past, and an integral part of that is a livestock market to sell those goods.

“Without that livestock market, young farmers and young people going into agriculture would find it extremely difficult, or impossible, for them.”

Mr Robinson confirmed that the auctioneers have still been served a notice to quit, which he said was ‘pending and sitting there upon us’, and runs until December 31.

He said: “We were also categorically told that our licence and tenancy would not continue thereafter.

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“We need to lift those weights of negativity, put the foundations for a firm footing for the future - say, 15 years - and make this market work.”

Mr Robinson confirmed that a firm of solicitors were still working on the Louth Market Auctioneers’ behalf, who have replied to the notice to quit and claimed that it is ‘invalid’ - as he claimed it was served on the basis of the current site being demolished.

He added that he was not sure whether this notice to quit would be withdrawn, or replaced with a new tenancy.

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