Pensioners' thanks to Age UK... six million times over!

Elderly people across Lincolnshire are better off by almost £6m thanks to Age UK Lindsey helping them get the money.

In the last financial year 2017/18, a record breaking £5,928,492 in benefits was recovered by the Information & Advice team at the charity.

Age UK Lindsey has supported over 1,900 older people in the Lindsey areas to claim pension age benefits.

Nearly two out of five pensioners in Great Britain who are entitled to Pension Credit have not claimed it.

Sue White, from Age UK, said: “The additional income can be life changing for many older people. It’s estimated that 1.9 million pensioners are living in poverty, with one million living in severe poverty in the UK. The team have helped secure that money for people which is a big help for them in what for many are austere times.”

The Information and Advice service, which offers Pension Age benefits advice, has received the Age UK Information & Advice quality marque for demonstrating commitment to providing consistent, relevant and effective advice.

• For people living in our area, help and advice is available on 01507 355961.