People are '˜shocked' and '˜appalled' after vandalism to Gainsborough chapel

Residents of Gainsborough are '˜appalled' and '˜shocked' after vandals damaged the chapel in Gainsborough Cemetery.

General Cemetery Chapel

The stone cornices on the chapel have been damaged as well as the seat outside the Chapel, the downpipes from the guttering and the waste bin.

Chair of the Friends of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel, Susan Edlington, said: “I was appalled to find that the General Cemetery Chapel has been vandalised.

“Members of the public have come up to volunteers of our group to complain about the vandalism.

“Why would anyone do something so destructive to this building?”

Leader of Gainsborough Town Council, Coun Matt Boles, said: “These kind of actions are shocking.

“Damage to any kind of public amenity is bad enough but to our town cemetery?

“The thinking of these people is beyond comprehension.

“I just hope somebody out there has some information and will come forward to the authorities.”

The Chapel was built in 1876, and the Friends are working with the Gainsborough Town Council to renovate it.

Susan added: “Despite the damage, the General Cemetery Chapel will be open for the West Lindsey Churches Festival on May 11, and 12, from 10am until 3pm on both days.

“We’ll be holding an exhibition in the chapel and also have to cemetery records available.”

Friend of Gainsborough Cemeteries and Chapel member, Peter Bradshaw, said: “A number of people have reported the vandalism to us and all have been as appalled as we were when we saw the damage done.

“The stonework will not be easy or cheap to repair.”