A brave girl from Worksop is having her long hair cut off after her great aunt lost hers following cancer treatment

A five-year-old girl has been inspired to donate her long hair after seeing her great aunt lose hers following treatment for cancer.
Freya BrigdaleFreya Brigdale
Freya Brigdale

Freya Brigdale, who lives in Langold, decided to donate her hair because her great aunt Kathleen Smith, 57, is battling Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma after it was discovered by doctors in February.

Freya's mum, Shannon Rose, said: "Freya made the decision to donate her hair after her great auntie lost all hers due to the cancer treatment she has been having.

"Freya said, 'you can have some of my hair'.

The back of Freya's hairThe back of Freya's hair
The back of Freya's hair

"That’s when our auntie told Freya about the young children who have had the same medicine.

"Freya then said to us that she wanted to cut hers for the other children who don’t have any, and that they can have Princess hair too.

"Her first goal was £700 which is what it takes to make one wig. But she is well on her way to double that.

"We are so proud of her with her being only five-years-old."

Freya will be getting her hair cut on July 28.

If you would like to support Freya and make a donation, click here.

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