A festive message of hope from the Mayor of Louth

Isn’t it annoying when you are almost at the end of a jigsaw and the realisation sets in that you have a piece missing? Without it, the picture is incomplete and you have that nagging doubt of what it would look like if each and every piece of the jigsaw was there.

The Mayor of Louth, Councillor Darren Hobson, with Mayoress Sarah-Jayne Hobson.
The Mayor of Louth, Councillor Darren Hobson, with Mayoress Sarah-Jayne Hobson.

Some of you might be putting together a jigsaw over the coming days as you take a well-earned rest and look forward to spending time with family and friends.

There is one jigsaw, though, that we are all a living part of, day in and day out. A special jigsaw; one that doesn’t just come out of its box for Christmas nor have any pieces missing.

Over recent weeks as we have headed into the festive season, everyone maintained the high hopes that have developed throughout the year that things would be much more settled and Christmas would be much more of a celebration than in 2020. As we now know, we are facing a renewed challenge brought about by the pandemic.

Whilst we all have maintained optimism that the worst was behind us, we must remain alert as we try to enjoy Christmas and New Year festivities.

I would like to thank the many people in our wonderful town for playing their part in making sure that, once again ,we have had a safe, healthy and caring community throughout 2021.

Our local emergency services have worked tirelessly in responding to the ever-growing demands put on them and have been there, ready to respond, when the calls come in for their help.

Our local schools have endured another tempestuous and unpredictable year but have been there supporting the needs of the youngest members of our town and beyond and doing their utmost to provide a continuous education provision for all. Our local independent businesses have continued to not only respond to surging demands and dwindling supplies as well as ensuring that they continue to have available a varied and unique offering, but also have moved forward with plans to expand and improve for the benefit of our town.

Our town has always been so fortunate to have an incredible network of volunteers and organisations who work diligently for the good of others in our community. And this year has been no exception, as we have so many who have been there once again to provide a helping hand in supporting others and providing a fabulous range of experiences and activities that means that no one need be left feeling isolated or vulnerable.

And finally, our incredible local NHS and care providers have continued the remarkable task thrust upon them and have not only responded with professionalism and determination but with grace and compassion.

Their job again this year has been relentless yet essential and I have no doubt that we all thank them for everything 
that they do to keep us safe. These people, plus so many others in Louth, are what makes our town special, fitting together to ensure we have everything covered.

Each and every one of them deserves our gratitude for the incredible job that they have done throughout the last 12 months, often in challenging circumstances and in a turbulent and unpredictable climate.

We have a proud tradition in Louth of looking out for each other and each doing our part to maintain the fabulous community that we are so lucky to be a part of. As we enjoy our Christmases, let us take a moment to reflect on another extraordinary year and be thankful for, not only the loved ones around us that we may not have been able to see last Christmas or for parts of this year, but also for those who have been just a little piece of the jigsaw of 2021.

On behalf of Louth Town Council, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very safe, healthy and happy Christmas as we look forward to what we hope will be a much better year ahead.