A New Year’s message of resilience from the Mayor of Louth

The Mayor of Louth, Councillor Darren Hobson, has sent in the following message for our readers...

The Mayor and Mayoress of Louth.
The Mayor and Mayoress of Louth.

Resilience. It’s a simple word, but is one of the few things that has not been in short supply at some point over the past 12 months.

It means being tough and spirited and flexible. I’m sure that no one will disagree that so many people have had no choice over the last two years other than to be resilient.

For many in our community, 2021 was another year of ups and downs, of challenges and despair, of wondering when things might finally get ‘back to normal’.

In amongst all of those feelings, it has been reassuring to see the amazing work that goes on throughout Louth that has one aim; putting the worst behind us. During the last year, we have seen development and expansion of many of the businesses that are proud to call Louth ‘home’ as they forge ahead with plans that not only continue to put our town on the map for all the right reasons but will bring benefit to our community.

Larger premises due to growing and successful operations, new facilities to provide additional choice to our residents and visitors, and fledgling home-grown individuals as well as well-established national brands choosing Louth as their base… because they know that they can be successful here. They all ask just one thing of us – to support them.

I would echo that as we begin a new year full of hope. Our local businesses, whether they have had a presence on our high street for decades or are a relative newcomer to our town, need our support now more than ever.

2021 was tough and 2020 tougher than that. By supporting the many, many amazing local businesses in Louth in the months ahead we can all play our part in ensuring that they are here when we need them in the years ahead.

In the months ahead, I look forward to getting out even more into our fantastic community and finding out even more about the incredible people doing incredible things in ourtown.

I wish you all the very best for a prosperous and successful New Year where we continue to be a fabulous, flourishing and resilient town.