'A plan for our children and grandchildren': Why you should comment on Skegness Neighbourhood Plan

Councillors are being urged to get out and 'engage' with residents in their wards in the autumn when consultation opens on the Neighbourhood Plan for Skegness.
Pedestrianisation of Lumley Road in Skegness is up for discussion in the Skegness Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Draft.Pedestrianisation of Lumley Road in Skegness is up for discussion in the Skegness Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Draft.
Pedestrianisation of Lumley Road in Skegness is up for discussion in the Skegness Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Draft.

The 74-page draft consultation document went before Skegness Town Council last week for approval.

It includes proposed policy guidelines to help councillors in the future, including the vision for Skegness; employment, education and skills; Skegness Town Centre; Transport Infastructor; Housing; Community, health and well-being; and design and environment.

Steve Larner, Town Clerk, explained: "A neighbourhood plan sets out the vision and policies to guide future development at the local level.

"It allows local residents to shape the places in which they live and work by influencing where future development will go and what it will look like.

"Skegness Town Council has prepared a Draft Neighbourhood Plan which sets out policies and proposed site allocations for the town.

"The Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the development plan for East Lindsey District Council (ELDC), and applications for new developments will be required to align with the Skegness Neighbourhood Plan once it is adopted.

"This means that the Neighbourhood Plan will be considered by Planning Officers in ELDC when determining planning applications."

The consultation process for the NDP is set to begin in September.

"It is vitally important that local residents and business engage with us so they understand what the NDP is proposing and can have their say in shaping this," said Mr Larner.

"The document is long and a bit of a dry read, but councillors and council staff will, with the help of planning experts, will be available regularly through the six-week consultation period to help understand the plan and what it means.

"This is the last chance for residents to have their say before it is put forward to ELDC for adoption.

"The council will be publicising how to view the plan and how people can have their say later in the summer."

Coun Steve Kirk said it was vitally important that councillors get out and engage with the public about the document.

"Anyone who cares about their town to comment on this as it shapes the future for our children and grandchildren," said Coun Kirk.

"Councillors should be doing more to engage with people on this. It is our duty to make this happen."

The NDP comes alongside a number of other major projects for Skegness.

Lincolnshire County Council has plans to pedestrianise Lumley Road, also included the the NPD, and the Connected Coast Town Deal Board has announced other major projects for Skegness' £25million Towns Fund.

"The NDP supports pedestrianisation of Lumley Road in principle, but the NDP will ensure that schemes are properly planned by being subject to necessary transport assessments and traffic surveys," said Mr Larner.

"It is important to understand the idea of pedestrianisation within the NDP came from public consultation undertaken by independent consultants appointed to assist the NDP Steering Group a few years ago.

"The concept is in recognition that the traditional High Street model is failing and so changes need to be made to avoid the decline of traditional high streets as a central point of activity in a town.

"Pedestrianisation could potentially enable the development of new businesses or the growth of existing ones.

"In response to Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) proposals, Skegness Town Council has written to LCC because it believes that their proposed pedestrianisation scheme is not one that demonstrates how traffic would be managed effectively in the town, based on traffic assessments and surveys."

It was proposed, seconded and resolved that

a) The plan, sustainability appraisal and consultation materials be


b) The consultants are asked if “after a full traffic management

survey has been completed” can be added to section 5.20 on

page 20 of the NDP.