A Queen’s title for Macmillan nurse Gwen

A community Macmillan nurse from Boston has been given the title of Queen’s Nurse following 30 years of ‘high standard’ service to patients.
Macmillan nurse Gwen Eldred, from Boston, has been given the title of Queen’s NurseMacmillan nurse Gwen Eldred, from Boston, has been given the title of Queen’s Nurse
Macmillan nurse Gwen Eldred, from Boston, has been given the title of Queen’s Nurse

Gwen Eldred, who works for Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), attended a virtual ceremony where she was presented with a special badge and certificate by The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI).

“I am honoured and proud to receive this title,” said Gwen.

“I am passionate about my role in nursing and helping people. Every day is a new experience, even after all these years.

“The Queen’s Nurse programme brings together community nurses and has a wealth of learning and leadership opportunities, so I am looking forward to developing my professional skills further.”

A spokesman for LCHS said: “The title is not an award for past service but indicates a commitment to high standards of patient care, learning and leadership.

Nurses who hold the title benefit from developmental workshops, bursaries, networking opportunities, and a shared professional identity.“

Dr Crystal Oldman CBE, chief executive of the QNI, said: “I would like to congratulate Gwen and welcome her as a Queen’s Nurse. Queen’s Nurses serve as leaders and role models in community nursing, delivering high quality health care across the country.

“The application and assessment process to become a Queen’s Nurse is rigorous and requires clear commitment to improving care for patients, their families and carers. We look forward to working with Gwen and all other new Queen’s Nurses who have received the title this year.”

Gwen has worked as a Community Macmillan nurse in palliative and end of life care for 10 years and spent the last four years in the Deeping and Bourne area.

The LCHS spokesman said: “She enjoys the working together with other community services, helping them to develop their own skills and experience, as well as making a difference and having an impact on the patient’s and carer’s experience.

“She believes in people having a choice in life and in death, and acts as an advocate to support them to make their own decisions around their care needs and wishes.

“Gwen has worked hard to develop her knowledge undertaking educational courses, alongside increasing her vocational experience, to improve the care she is able to give her patients.”

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