Academies embrace remote learning during lockdown

Tollbar Multi Academy Trust, which runs secondary academies in Louth and Somercotes, is delivering six lessons a day live to its students via remote learning during the national lockdown.

Oliver Thompson, Curriculum Leader for Humanities at Somercotes Academy, delivering a remote Geography lesson to students. This photo was taken in November 2020 while some Year 10 students were self-isolating.

Major investment has ensured that teachers and students can continue with the timetable via the Microsoft Teams programme.

Teachers are teaching live either from their homes or the Academy into students’ homes via the software.

Martin Brown, CEO of the Trust, which is also responsible for Theddlethorpe Primary plus several other schools in North East Lincolnshire, said staff are working around the clock to ensure they can meet this challenge.

Mr Brown said:“We are currently offering remote learning to a large number of our secondary students and plan to deliver the service to our primaries by next week.

“The students will follow their current curriculum with live lessons every day.

“The full lockdown to include primary schools happened suddenly which has meant that we are having to move fast this week to ensure that our primary schools can also meet the challenge of teaching remotely, but I am confident that this is the case.

“We hope to be able to deliver every lesson this way, apart from PE, where we will be supporting students by setting them challenges and giving them guidance and encouragement to participate in physical activity.

“We are conscious of the pressure on families which can be posed by home learning and we thank them for their support with this.

“Families who are having difficulties accessing computer equipment should contact the individual academies for assistance so that we can ensure that all students have access to live learning with as little disruption as possible to their education at this difficult time.”