Asian Hornet is onits way warns Fred

Horncastle's beekeeping expert Fred Parker believes it is '˜only a matter of time' before the dreaded Asian Hornet arrives in Lincolnshire.
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The hornet could present a major threat to the local bee population.

It has a fearsome reputation for killing bees, often catching them in mid-flight.

There was a scare last month for Mr Parker and other beekeepers when a hornet was discovered in a cauliflower grown in the Boston area.

That sparked fears the hornet could be breeding in Lincolnshire having possibly flown across the English Channel from Europe.

Mr Parker has already warned fellow beekeepers to be ‘‘on their guard’ against the predator.

He said: “Hopefully, the Asian Hornet isn’t nesting in Lincolnshire because we could be in a lot of trouble.

“However, it is only a matter of time before it does arrive here. All we can do is keep checking.”

The hornet has wiped out bee colonies across Europe but has so far been unable to establish itself in this country - despite several sightings.