Bardney’s Tile House Bridge to be re-waterproofed

Roadworks scheduled to take up to five weeks will see Bardney’s Tile House Bridge undergoing crucial re-waterproofing.
The B1202 Wragby Road. Photo: Google MapsThe B1202 Wragby Road. Photo: Google Maps
The B1202 Wragby Road. Photo: Google Maps

The reinforced concrete bridge, near Mince Pie Cottage on the B1202 Wragby Road, is in need of re-waterproofing works to keep it in top condition, after years of vehicles going over the bridge, ingress of water and dissolved chemicals have all worn the original waterproofing layer.

Replacing the waterproof layer on a bridge such as this is a planned routine maintenance that has to happen around every 20 years or so, and LCC’s specialist crew will also carry out a more in-depth structural examination of the bridge during the works.

The nature of the work means that there will be a full road closure around the bridge itself on the B1202 Wragby Road from Monday, March 6 for around five weeks, and will see all surfacing above the existing waterproofing layer removed, including the footpaths.

The old waterproofing will then stripped off and the deck fully re-waterproofed, and other necessary repairs to other parts of the structure and nearby carriageway will also be carried out.

The diversion route, travelling clockwise from Wragby, will be along the A158 southeast to Horncastle and then onto the B1190 west to Bardney.

Anticlockwise from Bardney, the route changes to the B1190 east to Horncastle, then onto the A158 northwest to Wragby.

Karen Cassar, assistant director of Highways at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “By carrying out these works we are ensuring that Tile House Bridge is good to go for a long time to come.

“Unfortunately, the road closure at this location can’t be avoided as the bridge has to be temporarily taken out of commission for the works to happen.

“Our specialist crew will work through the programme as quickly as possible and will endeavour to complete the bridge repairs as soon as possible.

"I’d like to thank everyone affected by these works for their patience whilst this is happening.”

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