Better knowledge of Rasen's life-saving locations needed

A local careworker is calling for better knowledge of where Rasen’s life-saving equipment is located and how to use it when it’s found.
The AED in Willingham RoadThe AED in Willingham Road
The AED in Willingham Road

Mary Atkin raised her concerns at the June meeting of Market Rasen Town Council.

Having had cause to use Automated External Defibrillators (AED) on four occasions, she knows how valuable this piece of equipment is and wants to make sure everyone else does too.

She said: "Defibrillators are available and people have put in a lot of money –privately or communally.

"We have got them, but people don’t know where they are.

"This one (pictured above) can barely be seen in daylight.

"You can barely see the yellow (the machine itself) as it is in the case.

"While the front has the green and white sign it is hard to see, especially at night.”

Ms Atkin believes better signage would make a big difference.

She continued: “We have signs up to say recycling and signs up to say this way to a sports ground.

"So why can’t we have even just a symbol.

"And I am recommending a yellow background that can be seen at night with a heart shape in it - and let people know where they are.

"Also, are the ones in public places open 24/7?

Ms Atkin went one step further to suggest how more defibrillators could be made available and be more prominent.

She said: “In the future, perhaps every planning for a big housing estate or relatively big housing estate should include a defibrillator as part of it.”

However, she believes ‘spreading the word’ of what is in place now and taking away any fears is a priority.

She added: “Spreading the word of what it (AED) is for is important.

"You don’t have to be the first responder.

"Thank goodness Lives is still around, but even they are stretched.

But if you feel confident in going to get a defibrillator and bringing it back, that could save a life.”

Market Rasen is relatively well served with community AEDs.

These are located at: Festival Hall, Caistor Road; Market Rasen Football & Cricket Club, Gallamore Lane; Post Office/Co-op, John Street; Masonic Hall, Jameson Bridge Street; Peter Rhodes, Oxford Street; Market Rasen Primary School, Mill Road; De Aston School, Willingham Road; Bridge McFarland Solicitors, Market Place; Market Rasen Golf Club Course, Legsby Road; Market Rasen Bowls Club, Jameson Bridge Street; Market Rasen Racecourse, Legsby Road; Railway Station, off Chapel Street; Police Station/Fire Station, Linwood Road; Fletcher Court, Mill Road; Tesco, Linwood Road; De Aston Field, Willingham Road; Ambulance Station, Gallamore Lane.

However, town mayor councillor Stephen Bunney agreed signage needs to be looked at and thanked Ms Atkin for raising her concerns.

He said: “This is a good reminder to us all that our signage should be updated to ‘Dayglo’ signs which will show up in car lights.

“One of your concerns, which I think is very valid, is people don’t necessarily know where their nearest defibrillator is​​​. We need to find a way of saying ‘the nearest defib is’. This could go on a gatepost, inside a window or on a notice board

“I do like the idea of defibrillators in planning, as I have never seen that as a planning condition. Whether it would be possible to have that as a planning condition I don’t know, but I think it is something that should be put in.”

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