Bin collections in parts of Lincolnshire paused for remainder of the week due to Covid-19

Waste collections will be suspended in southern parts of the country from tomorrow (Wednesday, January 27) due to COVID‐related staff absences.

A spokesperson from East Lindsey District Council said: “A number of our waste crews are now either self‐isolating or poorly due to Covid‐19.

“As a result it is necessary for the service to be suspended in some southern parts of the district until Monday, February 1, 2021, to allow our workforce to recover and to prevent further spread of the virus.”

“This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The following areas near Horncastle, Boston and Skegness are affected:

• Friskney

• Eastville

• New Leake

• Stickford

• Coningsby (Part)

• Coningsby Moorside

• Dalderby

• Haltham

• Mareham Le Fen

• Moorby

• N Bolingbroke

• Revesby

• Scrivelsby

• Tumby

• Tumby Moorside

• Tumby Woodside

• Wilksby

• Wood Enderby

• Carrington

• Dogdyke

• Frithville

• Gypsey Bridge

• New Bolingbroke

• New York

• Scrub Hill

• Thornton Le Fen

• Westville

• Antons Gowt

• Cowbridge

• Fishtoft

• Frithville

• Langrick

• Sibsey

• East Keal

• East Kirkby

• Hagnaby

• Keal Coates

• Midville

• Stickney

• Toynton All Saints

• West Keal

Those households affected by the disruption this week can present any accumulated side waste in black refuse sacks alongside their black household bins on their next scheduled black bin collection.

From Monday, February 1, 2021, waste collections are anticipated to continue as normal.

Assistant Director for Operations at the Council, Victoria Burgess, said: “Over the past couple of days it has proved a real challenge to keep the service going with a number of rounds having not been completed due to staff absences.

“With more crews off again today we needed to take action now and suspending the service is the only realistic option available to us to keep everyone safe – something we’ve worked hard to avoid. Our workforce has done an amazing job over the past year and they’ve received much praise from the community and are grateful for your continued good wishes.”

• Please keep an eye on the Council’s website – http://www.e‐ and social media channels, as well as local media, for updates.