‘Blind bloke’ Nigel launches new exhibition

Despite his life ‘changing forever’ when a motorcycle accident robbed him of his sight, a “blind bloke” is still living his life to the full with motorbike racing, and now photography.
Nigel Limb EMN-220213-103448001Nigel Limb EMN-220213-103448001
Nigel Limb EMN-220213-103448001

Partially-sighted Nigel Limb, of Sutton on Sea, lost most of his sight in a motorcycle racing accident in 2015 which left him fighting for his life and in a coma for 11 days.

He can now only see silhouettes and colours in good light, but this setback has not prevented him from living life to the max.

Since then, Nigel has not only got back in the saddle and ridden his beloved motorbike again as a partially sighted rider, but made history after setting a record for unassisted visually impaired rider from a standing start over a distance of an eighth of a mile - riding at a top speed of a staggering 76 miles per hour.

Nigel said: “After I had my accident and sorted my head out when I left hospital, I knew I had to do something to keep my mental health steady as I didn’t feel useful any more. I couldn’t go to work and wanted to do these things because the more good things I could fill my head with, the less room there would be for all the bad stuff to drag me down and for the enormity of what happened to hit me.”

Now Nigel has also turned his hand to photography, and his exhibition in 2019 - Life on Mars - portrayed what life is like to emerge from a coma, as it is like waking up on another planet.

Now he will be holding his latest photographic exhibition ‘On the Edge’ in Louth in April, which features a number of meaningful photos and memorabilia and describes his dream of travelling with the Wall of Death attraction.

“What I want to get across to people is that while my mountain may be only two feet tall and others may be higher, getting to the top uses the same amount of guts, so just push yourself and be brave - you will feel better for it.”

Nigel’s On the Edge exhibition will be held in the Park Gallery at Spout Yard park from Wednesday April 20 to Wednesday April 27.

To find out more about Nigel’s exhibition, visit Nigel’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/nigel.limb.1

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