Boston man cuts off long hair grown during Covid pandemic to help children's cancer charity

“I wanted more than just a new haircut – I wanted to help others”
Konstantin Long's hair before and after.Konstantin Long's hair before and after.
Konstantin Long's hair before and after.

A Boston man has had his long locks chopped off to help a children’s cancer charity.

Aptly-named Konstantin Long waved goodbye to his long hair on Friday and braved the chop at Top Art hairdressers in West Street.

His efforts will now see him donate the hair to The Little Princess Trust – along with more than £500 he had raised for the charity ahead of the event.

"For the past year my parents have been telling me I would look more handsome with it cut - but I didn't want to cut my hair just to get a new hairstyle, I wanted to do something that would help others,” Konstantin said. “So I then found out about the Little Princess Trust and the work they do to help children with cancer. They not only provide wigs made from the donated hair, but they also do research into the cancers affecting children.”

The 29 year-old celebrated his birthday the same day – and later held a celebration event at Boston Lithuanian Community’s venue in Fountain Lane to say thank you for those who supported him.

Speaking about his new hair, he adds: "It definitely feels much lighter and colder now. I think I'll be wearing my hat and scarf until spring now", he laughed.

Originally from Belarus, Konstantin moved to Boston five years ago. He now works as an engineering manager for VAC-CON Ltd which refurbishes and builds suction excavators.

To donate to Konstantin’s appeal for The Little Princess Trust visit his Facebook fundraising page.