Boston pays its respects during the state funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II

People gathered in churches and in homes across the borough today to join the rest of the world in watching the state funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

People watching HM the Queen's state funeral as it is screened live from inside Boston Stump on Monday.
People watching HM the Queen's state funeral as it is screened live from inside Boston Stump on Monday.

Some took up the opportunity to watch the funeral at the local cinema, while others ventured to London early this morning to join crowds lining the streets of the capital.

All were eager to be a part of the monarch's state funeral, to pay their respects, to say goodbye – and to reflect on her 70 years dedicated service to our country.

Over a hundred people visited Boston’s Savoy Cinema in West Street to watch live news coverage of the funeral on two of their big screens. From children, to the elderly, the free screenings attracted residents from a variety of backgrounds.

A screening of HM the Queen's funeral at Savoy Cinema, in Boston.


Lucy Cammack from the cinema told us: "We choose to screen the funeral to give people in the community a place to come together to pay their respects. We also had in mind the people that may live alone or not have access to see it.

"Just over 100 people came to our Boston site, aged from around 10 to 80. We kept the foyer dark and chose to not turn on our usual display lights and kept our retail areas closed.”

The cinema originally planned to show the funeral on one screen, but decided to open a second following a surge in demand of online tickets.

Lucy added: "I don’t believe we have screened a live news event before, I think this may be the first time that cinemas have been given permission to screen something like this.”


A screening of HM the Queen's funeral brought the community together at Boston Stump today.

The cinema closed for the rest of the day following the funeral showing.

At 11.55am a two-minute silence was held across the borough in honour of HM the Queen followed by the singing of 'God Save The Queen'.

The funeral was also screened at Boston Stump, with a number of people choosing the watch it from inside the 700 year-old church.


Adam Kelk, head verger at the Parish of Boston described the morning as ‘really moving’: “We had a queue this morning at around 9am, and around 60 people watching the funeral from inside the church,” he said. "It was a really special time for the community to be able to come together, a time when some people could have been on their own at home, but were able to sit together as a community.

Young and old visited St Botolph's Church (the Stump) to watch the funeral today.

"Everyone stood up for the Last Post and for the National Anthem. It was a really moving experience.”

Boston Mayor, Coun Anne Dorrian told us: “I watched the TV coverage at home with my husband. Like the majority of the country, we sat in solemn silence for most of the funeral, taking in the awe and wonder of such a historic occasion. I hope that her family take some small comfort from the fact that Queen Elizabeth II had such an enormous impact on so many people.”


Boston resident Patsie Marson, from Community Support Group Boston, visited London on train to join a gathering of mourners in Hyde Park.

She told us today: "The atmosphere is very peaceful with people waiting patiently. Thousands of people in Hyde Park - but you could hear a pin drop. A real sense of unity in London today."

A touching floral tribute left by a local child outside Boston Stump. Photo: Mick Fox

Lincolnshire Police posted an image of their flags at half mast to their social channels with the message: "Thank you, Your Majesty. It’s been an honour to serve you.”


Floral tributes to HM Queen Elizabeth II left outside the Stump.