BOSTON STANDARD READER PICTURE: Where the street is aptly named

Is there a better street in Boston to admire St Botolph’s Church than Tower Street?
Our latest Reader Picture.Our latest Reader Picture.
Our latest Reader Picture.

If there is, this photograph makes a strong case for it being first runner-up.

It was shared with the Standard by Bartosz Fedkowicz

Once you round the corner in Tower Street from Station Street/Lincoln Lane, the road points directly at The Stump and its historic Great West Door.

The road then runs up to the riverbank, giving no space for buildings to intrude on the view.

Helping guide the eye towards The Stump are rows of houses on either side of the road.

At any time of day, it all seems to say ‘take a moment and admire this building’; at dawn, though, with the sun behind the church, the effect is only heightened.

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