Boston volunteers who show true sign of community spirit

A group of volunteers have acted to spruce up some of the signs marking the way into Boston.
Natalia at workNatalia at work
Natalia at work

Their task began after one resident, Mike Gilbert, noticed the state of the sign on Sleaford Road.

He decided to check out the other four on routes into town and noticed they were all in a similarly worn-out condition.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands, and after an appeal on social media, was joined by some like-minded individuals to act.

Dmitri at workDmitri at work
Dmitri at work

A team has now been formed of volunteers, and they are spending many hours working on the recreation and renovation of these signs.

One of them, Dmitrii Buravlev. is the supply chain manager at MetsaWood UK who has also sponsored sheets of marine ply, in addition to the ply and paint supplied by Boston Borough Council.

So far two signs have been manufactured and painted from scratch which will be replacing the Sleaford Road and London Road signs.

In addition Mike and Dmitrii and Dmitrii’s wife Natalia have between them renovated the sign on the A16 which has now been returned to its location on the approach to the Spirit of Endeavour Roundabout.

The old sign on the A16The old sign on the A16
The old sign on the A16

The team Mike pulled together also included members of the Men’s Shed Group, who opted to renovate the Spilsby Road sign.

Mike said: “This is an extraordinary task we have set ourselves. We are so fortunate to have a talented team of volunteers who have been working painstakingly to recreate this signage for our residents and visitors to the town.”

Dmitrii added: “Being in the project for me means finding yourself, show who you are and how you can contribute to local life.

“We are lucky we have skills that match the project’s aim. Although the current restrictions slow down the pace of work we were able to find solutions and keep going.

“I believe that everyone benefits from the project: inhabitants, Council, and participants.”