Boy’s Christmas wish to help rough sleepers

A 10-year-old Sleaford boy with a growing passion for charitable work has raised enough money to create up to 100 care packages that he will deliver to homeless people in the area over the Christmas period.

Ethan with all the raffle tickets sold, doing the prize draw. EMN-210912-095703001
Ethan with all the raffle tickets sold, doing the prize draw. EMN-210912-095703001

Ethan Kay has told his mum, Rachael Phillips, that is ultimate goal is to go and help aid struggling people in Africa, but was encouraged to start closer to home.

He researched the reasons for homeless ness in this country - unemployment and cash management issues, mental health, drug addiction, bereavement, family break up and abuse to name a few.

They learned about the Lincolnshire Rucksack Project, which supports those living on the streets, and offered to help by putting together care packages consisting of new toothbrushes, toothpaste, wipes, sanitary pads, bottled water, dried food, soaps, socks, tissues, beanie hats, gloves and roll on deodorant.

All the prizes donated for Ethan's raffle to help homeless people. EMN-210912-095714001

Rachael said: “Ethan started asking around friends and family and put out an appeal letter through his school, Church Lane, but we were not getting as much in as he hoped. He was prepared to go and sleep in the garden and do cake sales to raise money but then we approached local businesses for donations for a raffle and we ended up with 100 prizes, sold lots of tickets and raised over £100. We have crocheted hats too, so that now we can buy enough essentials to make up 80 to 100 packages to deliver in the area to the right people in need over the Christmas holidays.”

Ethan said he was so pleased to have raised so much towards his goal. “When we are having our Christmas dinners, I am thinking about the homeless people who have nothing. Now we have the money to buy packages and they will not be so cold.”

During lockdown last year he went around his neighbourhood leaving little notes and pictures, encouraging people to keep smiling and offering the hand of friendship. He made cupcakes and washed cars and said, “That made me feel happy and proud. I still go and play with my friends but also think about the homeless and the poor in this country and in Africa.”

Rachael, a primary school teacher, said proudly: “Ethan has always been caring and wanting to do stuff for others, whether that is offering flowers or writing a note.

MOre of the donated raffle prizes for Ethan's project. EMN-210912-095728001

“He knows the true meaning of Christmas as well, each year picking three random houses on the street and leaving a present that he thinks they may like that he has bought with his pocket money.”