Brave Bethany battles Mount Snowdon

A bold five-year-old has successfully climbed one of the UK’s tallest mountains to raise money for her mum’s vital charity.
Bethany Walker, 5, climbs Mt Snowdon.Bethany Walker, 5, climbs Mt Snowdon.
Bethany Walker, 5, climbs Mt Snowdon.

Bethany Walker climbed Mount Snowdon on Thursday during half term, and in the process has raised over £1,165 for Naomi’s Garden, based in Manby.

Bethany’s mum Sarah-Jayne Walker is the director or Naomi's Garden, which runs education sessions for children and adults with movement disorders across the county, and teach children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Dyspraxia and genetic disorders in Lincolnshire.

The sessions also benefits adults with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Acquired Brain Injury and Long Covid.

Naomi’s Garden offers help and support to between 15 and 20 families and is currently fundraising towards being able to move into their new building, with another £70,000 needed to finish off the work.

To give their funds a boost, Bethany climbed Snowdon and the conditions Bethany and her team faced were not ideal with rain, strong winds and also poor visibility.

However, Bethany and her small team, including mum and dad Sarah-Jayne and James Walker, Mable the cockapoo and Michelle and Amalea Bellini, managed to climb all the way to the summit and get back down to the car in good timing.

Sarah-Jayne said said how proud they all are of Bethany:

"She took it all in her stride and was fearless,” she said, “The way the climbers around her all congratulated her on getting all the way up to the top even though she is so young was overwhelming!

"Bethany said she loved her climb even though it was really hard work. When asked if she would climb again she said YES!”

Bethany’s challenge is one of many challenges that have been taking place around the UK to raise the funds needed so Naomi’s Garden can move into a bigger space and see more families.

Sarah-Jayne and the other members of Naomi’s Garden have extended their thanks to all of their others fundraisers who have gone above and beyond for Naomi’s Garden, and during October alone, £24,659 has been raised for Naomi’s Garden with money still coming in.

The other challenges that have taken place have Included The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge with Gary Walton, Mark Home, Tracey Mascall and Bella and Fred Smith, an 80m abseil from the London orbit completed by Amy Conyard, Sarah-Jayne Walker and Issac Waller, Lilys Big Walk which was led by Lily-Rose Robinson and was for the children who access Naomi’s Garden including Charlie Melbourne, Lucy Sykes, Hettie Smith, Lucas Brett and Jake Storr.

There was also a south coast walk with Meg Turner and her family, and a dawn to dusk walk from Bristol to Bath with Luke Franklin and Emma Fentiman.

There has also been a three day walk/cycle from Buckingham Palace to Worthing Pier led by Hannah Lindsey, Laura Minter, Ursula Voge, Sonny Regnante, Bella Regnante, Valentina Allen and Lucy Anderson.

Sarah-Jayne has given a big shout out to six-year-old Scarlett Lindsey, who cycled 33km in one day and raised over £2,000.

Along with all of these there has been a 10k steps every day in October challenge going on too, which has included Mandy Franklin, Laura Tooke, Maria Camilo, and Janet Bannon.

To find out more about Naomi’s Garden, visit

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