Brave schoolgirl speaks out about bowel disease to raise awareness

A young Sleaford girl suffering with a bowel condition is bravely speaking out to raise awareness of the condition.

Keira Beeson pictured receiving her Rotary Club Children of Courage Award recently.
Keira Beeson pictured receiving her Rotary Club Children of Courage Award recently.

Keira Beeson, 11, was diagnosed with Chrohn’s Disease four years ago and suffers with symptoms including stomach pain, fatigue, blood loss, joint pain and diarrhoea. She also faces surgery later this month to remove part of her bowel.

Despite this, the youngster, who attends William Avery School, has taken it upon herself to write 40 letters to schools and businesses asking them to support World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day on May 19.

In her own words, Keira writes: “I refuse to let this disease beat me, and instead of feeling sorry for myself I try to stay positive and focus on the good things in life. i attend Girls Brigade and Musical Theatre each week and I also enjoy taking part in fundraising activities.”

She adds: “Some people are suffering in silence, without support, too embarrassed to talk about the disease. I am not. I want to show people that there is nothing to be embarrassed about and that people do care.”

Proud mum Shelley Beeson said: “Keira is an amazing child with the biggest heart. She shows such strength and positivity, coping so well with everything this disease has thrown at her. She has also had to cope with complications as a result of the medication she takes, such as septicaemia and pulmonary embolisms. She takes 20 tablets a day, has injections once a fortnight, blood tests every week and has had many hospital admissions. Despite all this she is such a positive child, she takes everything in her stride.”

She added: “Her school, in particular her headmaster, have been extremely supportive, and when Keira mentioned World IBD day they were quick to offer their support.”

The school will hold a ‘wear something purple’ day for World IBD Day with a raffle of prizes donated by local businesses. Keira will sell purple wristbands and set up a small display about IBD and how it affects her.

Keira was the recipient of a Rotary Club Child of Courage Award in March for her bravery and fundraising efforts.

To support her latest fundraising drive for Crohn’s and Colitis UK, as part of World IBD Day, visit her Justgiving page.