Britain's most popular pet names for 2018 revealed - did yours make the list?

The most popular pet name for new animal companions in the UK is Bella, according to figures from Pets at Home.

Stock image of a dog.

Pets at Home surveyed new additions to its six million strong VIP Club to create its Pet Name Finder, and found the top five most popular names for each species.

Whether the pet is a bird, cat, dog, fish, reptile or small animal, Bella and Luna were clear winners.

However, movie names from some the year’s big blockbusters have also influenced what Brits name their pets.

Recent superhero release, Avengers: Infinity War propelled the name Loki to one of the most popular names for cats.

The Peter Rabbit movie has also been influential with both Peter and Flopsy, his sister, taking a spot on the list for small animals.

Luna, the name chosen by Chrissy Teigen and John Legend for their daughter, first appeared on the list in 2017 and remains a popular choice for cats, dogs and reptiles.

Whilst more classic names like Teddy and Molly have become popular again, Charlie is no longer in the top five.

Gavin Hawthorn, Group CRM Director at Pets at Home, said: “It’s interesting to see that just as popular culture and famous faces influence what parents name their children, likewise, these trends can help British pet owners select a name for an animal companion.

“It seems likely that children being entrusted to name their first family pet forms a big part of the name choice, particularly among the film and TV inspired monikers.

“However, it’s also interesting to see how many cute, traditional names retain their popularity, suggesting that sweet yet simple options will always remain popular when it comes to naming a pet.”

Here are the results:

• Top five names for birds

1. Charlie

2. Kirsty

3. Ollie

4. Bernard

5. Basil

• Top five names for cats

1. Luna

2. Bella

3. Milo

4. Loki

5. Gizmo

• Top five names for dogs

1. Bella

2. Luna

3. Teddy

4. Bailey

5. Buddy

• Top five names for fish

1. Nemo and Bob

2. Fishy

3. Goldie

4. Bubbles

5. Molly

• Top five names for reptiles

1. Spike

2. Luna

3. Echo

4. Athena

5. Sam

• Top five names for small animals

1. Flopsy

2. Thumper

3. Luna

4. Cookie, Rosie, Peter

5. Fluffy

New owners looking for inspiration can try Pets at Home’s new Pet Name Finder, an exclusive online tool where pet owners can check how popular their pet’s name is.

The tool, which is accessed here gives in depth name information for a range of pets including dogs, cats, small animals, fish, reptiles, birds and horses.