Cafe culture in Rasen? Maybe!

An attractive place where people can come together to socialise and hold events.

Less parking, more socialising

That is the summary of comments received by residents about the future of Market Rasen Market Place.

As reported previously in the Rasen Mail, the town’s community partnership group opened a ‘conversation’ to find out how people thought the market place should be used.

The question was simple: How would you like to see the market place being used for the town in the next two to three years, and in the year 2035?

People took to social media with their views.

Linda Franklin was keen not to lose its character: “It needs to stay as original as possible, but usable .”

Jan Hickman said: “Make it totally a no parking zone and have tables and chairs for outdoor eating.

“There could be entertainment on summer evenings.”

Carl Martin agreed: “Get rid of the side entrance to the marketplace, where it is dangerous to pull out of, and extend the beer garden round for the sun. Have a seating area for the March Hare as well.

“Also put in a permanent bandstand or stage where we can enjoy local bands, etc.”

Alison Dale also liked the plaza idea: “I would like to see it more community based and continental.

“Let’s use this situation we are currently coming out of to bring community back and put our town back on the map and look inviting when people drive through.”