Caistor schools take action on the climate crisis

Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162534001Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162534001
Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162534001
Caistor’s three schools are combining their efforts to do their bit to battle climate change.

Students from Caistor Grammar and Caistor Yarborough joined pupils at Caistor Primary School, along with pupils from Grasby Primary, for a combined meeting headed up by the GO2 group.

The youngsters were tasked with working out the carbon footprint of a plastic bottle and looking at what their school can do to help counter climate change.

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Organiser Nick McCann, a teacher at Caistor Primary, described it as a very positive meeting.

Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162522001Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162522001
Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162522001

He said: “I am delighted with how it all went; now we have to keep the momentum going.

“As a church school, we are inspected on courageous advocacy.

“This session has given these young people the courage to be advocates for climate change in their schools.”

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The environmental group, Caistor GO2 was formed earlier this year with the aim of looking to reduce Caistor’s environmental impact by engaging with the community.

Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162510001Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162510001
Caistor GO2 event EMN-191021-162510001

The ultimate aim is to make the whole town carbon neutral.

While there is a long way to go to achieve that goal, the key message is everyone can do their bit, whether through major changes or ‘easy wins’.

Earlier this year, members of the GO2 group undertook to find the carbon footprint of the town’s beer festival, organised by the Lions Club.

With the help of specialist Jane Anderson, the children weighed up the cost of the event, the enjoyment from it and the impact on the environment.

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At the end of the day, it cost just £40 to offset the carbon cost by planting trees.

The group would now like to set about calculating the carbon footprint of each of the four schools - a much bigger task.

It was also recognised that some things just cannot be brought down to zero.

Meanwhile, those at the GO2 schools session were asked to look at projects that would be achievable within the schools by Christmas this year.

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A number of the students wanted to focus on reducing the amount of plastic containers used, while a recommendation for recycling bins in schools was also put forward.

Mr McCann said: “We will collate all the ideas and then the children can choose what they would like their project to be.

Climate change can be a scary topic, but we do not want to frighten people.

“If we all do our bit, we can change the world for the good of all.”

Some ‘easy wins’ for everyone

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As well as big projects, students put forward some ‘easy wins’ for everyone to do now.

Turn off electric when not in use

Don’t use air conditioning, open a window

Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth

Put on a jumper rather than turning on the heating

Print double-sided and recycle paper

Drink tap water rather than buying bottles of water

Use refillable containers for drinks when out and about

Educate your friends and family in ways to help lower their carbon footprint

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