Call to find 500 new foster families in the East Midlands

500 new foster families need to be found in the East Midlands this year to ensure children can live with the right family for their needs, it can be revealed.


Research by The Fostering Network shows that 8,100 families are needed across the UK, with 6,800 of those in England alone.

If more foster families are not found in the East Midlands, some children could find themselves living far away from their family, school or friends, and could even be split up from their siblings.

As part of Foster Care Fortnight (May 14 to May 27), The Fostering Network is calling for people with the relevant skills and experience to come forward and find out more about fostering.

The charity has put a particular emphasis on the need for families who can foster teenagers and groups of brothers and sisters.

Chief executive at The Fostering Network, Kevin Williams, said: “Foster carers do something amazing on behalf of our society, opening their hearts and homes to fostered children, often offering them their first experience of a stable, secure and caring home.

“Looking after fostered children, many of whom who have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect, can be challenging.

“But it is that challenge, along with the reward of seeing these children and young people flourish, that many foster carers across the East Midlands say makes them proud to foster.”

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