Calling out for more life-saving equipment in Rasen

A former telephone kiosk in Market Rasen has been repurposed into a potential life saver.
Coun Stephen Bunney, left, and Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews at the new defibrillator EMN-200510-062630001Coun Stephen Bunney, left, and Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews at the new defibrillator EMN-200510-062630001
Coun Stephen Bunney, left, and Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews at the new defibrillator EMN-200510-062630001

Over the past four years, members of Market Rasen Town Council has been working to provide easily accessible defibrillators throughout the town - and the latest is in Willingham Road, next to De Aston field.

Commonly known as ‘defibs’, the portable devices can save the life of someone 
in cardiac arrest.

Working in partnership with West Lindsey District Council, the device was installed last week and Market Rasen Mayor John Matthews was delighted with the addition to the town’s life-saving equipment.

He said: “When we started our campaign four years ago there were no defibs accessible to the public.

“We are now well served by the ones the town council has worked to provide in partnership with West Lindsey and thankful to those organisations who have now made their equipment 
available by repositioning 
them on external walls to make them accessible to all.

“I was determined to get one at this end of the town and this means they are now well spaced from the Rugby Club to the cricket club, which is all good for our community.”

The access code to the equipment is given once a 999 call is made.

While full instructions are given when the device is activated, free training is currently available for using the equipment by contacting the town clerk.

Stephen Bunney, who serves as both a town councillor and a district councillor for Market Rasen, is keen to see more 
even communities benefit 
from having defibrillators.

He said: “If a small community or group in any outlying 
area of the district is struggling to get a defibrillator get in touch with their district councillor, who may be able to help with some financial support.”

Across the West Lindsey area, 80 defibrillators are now in place through the partnership scheme, which is part of a five-year funding project 
running until March 2023,

Cllr Owen Bierley, chairman of the Prosperous Communities Committee at West Lindsey District Council, said: “The health and wellbeing of our communities is always a massive priority for the council, and always will be.

“Investing in easily accessible, ready, fully functioning defibs, available in the most rural and difficult to reach places within our communities, is a necessary and vital step to allow local residents safe and ready emergency 
equipment within their reach.

“I am extremely proud of the work being done with this project, and I am excited to witness its growth further.”

Location of town defibrillators

Festival Hall in Caistor Road

Market Rasen Football & Cricket Club, Gallamore Lane

Market Rasen Post Office/Co-op

Masonic Hall in Jameson Bridge Street

Peter Rhodes in Linwood Road

Market Rasen Primary School,

De Aston School

Bridge McFarland Solicitors in the Market Place

Market Rasen Golf Club

Market Rasen Bowls Club

Market Rasen Racecourse

Railway Station

Police Station/Fire Station in Linwood Road

Fletcher Court in Mill Road


De Aston Field, Willingham Road