Campaigner takes action over ‘dangerous’ Beesby crossroads

A concerned resident has led a campaign for improvements at an ‘accident blackspot’ - and she has even created a hard-hitting road sign which features parts of a vehicle damaged in a recent collision.

Janet Stubbs with her homemade road sign - warning motorists about the 'dangerous' junction.

Janet Stubbs, whose family owns British Garden Centres, has been lobbying Lincolnshire County Council to take action and sort out the ‘dangerous’ Beesby Crossroads junction, which Janet says recently experienced two traffic collisions in a 10-day period.

Janet explained that the unusual junction, which connects the A1104 and the B1373 between Woodthorpe and Beesby, has seen several accidents and ‘near misses’ 
over the last few years.

She said she is ‘distressed’ by the prospect of a major accident taking place there, adding: “Everyone in the area will tell you it’s dangerous. I can’t just sit back and wait until someone is killed.”

Janet Stubbs with her homemade road sign - warning motorists about the 'dangerous' junction.

Janet has gained support from several local councillors and even Victoria Atkins MP, but she added she felt her concerns had not been taken seriously by the county council, because all of the previous accidents have been relatively minor - so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She said: “I have erected a warning sign at the crossroads in the hope that it will make people more aware of the dangers at this junction.”

The homemade road sign, which Janet put up almost two weeks ago, reads: “Was this you, or will you be next?”. The sign is embellished with debris from one of the vehicles involved in a collision there in September.

Although Janet’s campaign has been a long-running one, there may now finally be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Beesby crossroads.

This week, Janet told the Leader:“Lincolnshire County Council have said that they are considering possible improvements for this junction, and in the meantime they have renewed the white lines, for which I and other concerned local residents are grateful.”

• The Leader contacted the county council for comment, but did not receive a response before going to press.