CCTV is helping with recent crime spike in Gainsborough

Councillors have been reassured new CCTV is helping with a recent spate of incidents which have seen properties “ransacked” and “trashed” in Gainsborough.

Members of West Lindsey District Council’s (WLDC) Prosperous Communities Committee were given a brief update on performance by the authorities cameras and plans to update them in Market Rasen.

It comes as council officers report that crime is returning to pre-pandemic levels in West Lindsey, with a rise in shoplifting and a spate of serious burglaries.

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Several Gainsborough businesses have been repeatedly targeted in the past three months, causing extensive loss and damage.

WLDC has 206 cameras across the patch monitored 24/7 every day of the year

Coun Trevor Young said: “Whenever I’m approached [by constituents] the camera always seems to be pointing the other way.

“I find it quite difficult when businesses in the town are, for instance, stripped of lead during the night time and cameras can’t pick them up.

“There’s been a huge spike in crime in Gainsborough over recent weeks.”

He said he had reports of businesses being “trashed” and the issues “causing thousands of pounds worth of damage”.

Coun Young said: “I’d be interested whether the CCTV has had any joy in identifying the individuals who have ransacked these properties.

“It would be reassuring to know CCTV has had some success.”

Council officer Gary White told members recent cash from the Safer Streets Funding had helped increase the number of cameras and their positions across the town.

A mix of pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras, along with fixed positioned ones, was helping to create a 360 degree view, he said.

Mr White said: “We have been able to use footage from a lot of these upgrades. We have produced a significant amount of footage over the last couple of weeks that’s helped identify and prosecute offenders.

“We have got a lot of really positive stories of using CCTV – but we can’t always publicise them,” he added, pointing to some difficulties around identification of victims or mental health issues.

WLDC has 206 cameras across the patch monitored 24/7 every day of the year and an additional 82 cameras are currently being installed.