Chris, Kate and Jet stop off along Lincolnshire coast while walking UK raising money for SSAFA

A homeless former soldier, who found love on his around UK walk raising funds for the charity who supported him, has stopped off in Skegness and Boston - and even got the opportunity to enjoy some Lincolnshire sausages.

Christian, Kate and Jet making friends along the promenade heading for Skegness.

Chris Lewis is fundraising for SSAFA and has already £239,428 during his 14,000km. adventure.

Having begun his journey four years ago with no money and relying on the generosity of the public to carry on, he has since found love, happiness and purpose in the form of a four legged rescue dog called Jet and his girlfriend, Kate Barron.

Their journey is now followed on social media by 98,000 people - and Christian has even won the respect of broadcaster Ben Fogle, who he is now proud to call 'a friend'..

They got the chance to enjoy some Lincolnshire sausages.

The inspiration behind the walk came after hitting hard times after leaving the armed forces. "I served with the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment and have had some challenging times since returning to civilian life," Chris explained.

"As a single parent, I brought up my daughter for 10 years and SSAFA really helped me keep my head above water throughout that time.

"I have experienced first-hand what they do and I honestly don't know where I would be without their help and support."

He began his journey when his daughter went to college. "I am in my element when outdoors, from surfing and coasteering to intense physical training, which has hopefully prepared me for the task ahead - a walk of approximately 14,000km," he said.

Christian Lewis is fundraising for SSAFA t and has already £239,428 during his 14,000km. adventure.

"This will obviously not be a walk in the park. I started with no money and will be solely relying on the goodwill of the British public and companies donating what food, water, accommodation and equipment they can to help me on each leg of the journey."

Chris, Kate and Jet arrived in Skegness on Saturday. "It was promenade all the way and beach when dogs were allowed. I was blown away how busy it is here with caravan park after caravan park and a Butlin's in between," said Chris.

"Folks were shouting to us on the beach to say hello and beeping horns in the cars to greet and wish us well as we go!

"A wonderful reception but very busy!! A world away from my little island in Shetland! Kindness is following us wherever we go.

Chris, Kate and Jet enjoyed the Lincolnshire sunset when they camped near Boston.

"We camped up in a paddock kindly gifted to us by a wonderful couple, Maggie and Jack, whose family have run a butchers for four generations.

"They gave us all sorts of wonderful Lincolnshire treats to eat and all around lovely people to be around. Thank you for giving us food and space for the night.

"Paul from Hull kept hold of some stuff for us for ages and today we needed it! He travelled two hours to get here insisting it would be a pleasure to bring it to us and travel back another two hours!!

"When he arrived he got us supplies for the night said his goodbye and left for the journey home! When I said thank you so much he simply said it's nothing compared to what you are doing and, 'Mate you are another earth angel even if you don't know it'.

"I'm overwhelmed by the support and generous donations so far, please follow my journey and come and say hello if you spot me along the way!

There was more support for him on the Skegness Standard Facebook page: Doreen Allen commented: "I've followed Chris's journey since he entered Scotland.

"He struggled at first (six months) but then went to Northern Ireland and a bunch of people called Team NI seemed to fund him and buy him kit from then.

"As his popularity grew more people have helped him with food and accommodation etc. Now he has such a following that people take his kit forward each day and provide all the food needed.

"His journey has definitely changed from when I started following him but he is still raising money for a worthy cause SSAFA and that's what matters."

Gavin Wynn said: "Well done airborne! Having served in the 3rd battalion parachute regiment myself, not everyone comes out the forces with a easy life. Nice one brother!"

On Sunday they began the walk to Boston, enjoying the sunset just outside the town on Monday evening.

"We sat up and watched a beautiful harvest moon shine on our tent before saying goodnight to the world! It was stunning and so calming I had a wonderful nights sleep," recalled Chris.

"I woke early on Tuesday made a coffee and watched the beginning of a new day unfold!. The tide was coming in and the gulls hereon oyster catchers as well as the song of a common snipe getting busy making our morning spring to life with nothing but smiles.

"I thought about television and how silly I feel for in the past wasting so much time watching it, not making the effort to wake early and make an effort to watch what is truly the most amazing thing! Nature. A mistake I shall ever make again."

You can follow their journey at Chris Walks the UK on Facebook. To support the fundraiser, visit