COMMENT: Spread a bit of ‘viral kindness’ to those in need

The Louth & Mablethorpe Leader today joins the campaign to spread a bit of ‘viral kindness’ in these uncertain times

A supermarket in East Lindsey struggles to keep up with the demand for essential supplies.

Following the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic over the last few days, many people have found themselves struggling to get hold of essential supplies such as toilet rolls, soap, hand sanitiser and some food items such as pasta and rice - as supermarkets struggle to keep up with the demand.

Some vulnerable people, particularly the elderly and those with underlying health issues, could also find themselves faced with loneliness and hardship if they have to isolate themselves for prolonged periods of time, in line with increasingly firm guidance from the government.

For these reasons, local people have this week been following the lead of Becky Wass, from Cornwall, who recently created these ‘viral kindness’ forms (pictured) which provide an opportunity for healthy and able-bodied people to do their bit to help those in greater need.

Print off this form, or pick up a copy in this week's Louth Leader.

These forms can be safely put through the letterbox of anyone in your area who may be vulnerable, elderly, or in isolation.

Whether the isolated person needs food supplies, essential goods, or just a friendly phone call - you can offer help during this difficult time.

So, why not cut out the form, fill in your contact details, pop it through a neighbour’s letterbox, and spread a touch of kindness to someone struggling in your community?

Thanks to local resident Kiat Huang, these forms will also be available to collect from several shops in Louth town centre.

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