Common health problems across Lincolnshire

From heatwaves in concrete jungles to uninhabitable caravans, public health officials are keeping an eye on emerging problems across Lincolnshire.

A report by the Director of Public Health, Derek Ward, reveals the different problems faced by each part of Lincolnshire, with the county divided into urban centres, industrial towns, coastal communities and rural or market towns.

While there are some issues that are common across the county, such as fuel poverty, each area also has its own unique problems.

The biggest health issues in coastal communities, such as Mablethorpe, include a a large population of elderly people who tend to have poorer health and a strain on healthcare network during the ‘summer swell’, with low-paid seasonal work presenting barriers to higher-skilled employment also an issue.

According to the report, attracting GPs, nurses and dentists is described as “ever more challenging” and static caravans used as housing, despite not being meant for permanent living, is also mentioned, along with a concentration of fast food takeaways and gambling outlets in these coastal towns.

Problems in rural and market towns such as Horncastle, Market Rasen, and Louth, include increased pressure on the health system as young people leave and older people move in, which in turn threatens the viability of residential care homes and sheltered housing and difficulty organising community support.

Low-income households driven out by lack of affordable housing was also mentioned in the report, as well as dust and dirt exposure caused by farm work, which also leads to increased accidents and injuries.