Confirmed Covid-19 case at Kelsey Primary School

A ‘bubble’ of pupils at Kelsey Primary School have been asked to stay at home following a confirmed case of Covid-19 at the school.

In a statement issued on Friday (October 9), headteacher Andrew Cook said: “We have followed, to the letter, national public health guidance around preventing the spread of coronavirus in school.

“We were made aware of an individual who had unfortunately tested positive for Covid-19 and following advice from the council’s health protection team, we acted quickly to isolate a small number of pupils who were classed as ‘close contacts’.

“These pupils are now self-isolating at home in accordance with their isolation period from Friday, October 2 to Friday, October 16 and are already doing their remote learning which has been provided by their class teacher.

“We have ‘bubbles’, pupils sat in rows, frequent hand washing, and regular cleaning right across the school as part of the robust risk assessment processes in place.

“We continue to urge all staff and pupils to remain vigilant at all times and to continue to follow the guidelines to ensure that we can keep each other as safe as possible during this difficult time. We wish our friend a very speedy recovery.”

In a letter sent out from the school the previous day (Thursday, October 8), headteacher Andrew Cook said: “This afternoon, the school was notified that an adult who has worked with a limited number of pupils in the year 3/4 bubble (USA class) has received a positive result for Covid-19.

“Immediately upon receipt of this information we have contacted the local public, health protection team for their instructions as to how to deal with this situation.

“Our case was assessed with them at 1pm this afternoon and a risk assessment was done.

“This concluded that a group of pupils in year 3/4 have been identified as ‘close contacts’ and have been informed individually that they will now need to self isolate.

“We would like to assure you that we are following national and local guidance.

“Pupils who have not been contacted individually do not need to self isolate.

“This includes classmates and siblings as these are classes as ‘contacts of contacts’.”

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