Conservatives retain control of Lincolnshire County Council

People across Lincolnshire took to the ballot box to vote in the local elections 2021 and the Conservatives have retained control of Lincolnshire County Council.

However Gainsborough will see a new councillor take up the seat at Gainsborough Trent as Liberal Democrat Coun Trevor Young was elected, replacing Independent Paul Key.

On his election, Coun Trevor Young, said: “A staggering 1,100 residents voted for me in the election.

"Now I will continue the fight for Gainsborough.

The vote took place on Thursday, May 6

“I just want to say massive thank you to all the wonderful people I spoke to on doorsteps and the different groups across the town.

“People in the town have such an amazing community spirit. I will continue my fight to get the best for our area, starting with John Coupland Hospital and improved policing.”

Here are the results for Gainsborough and the surrounding area.

Gainsborough Hill: Matthew Boles (Liberal Democrats) was elected with 908 votes, Sheila Bibb (Conservative), 316 votes, Michael Hancock (Labour Party), 155 votes, and Patrick O'Connor (Reform UK), 104 votes.

Gainsborough Trent Division: Trevor Young (Liberal Democrats) was elected with 1,100 votes, Paul Michael Key (Independent), 355 votes, Laura Ashby (Conservative), 250 votes, and Perry Smith (Labour Party), 164 votes.

Gainsborough Rural South Division: Richard David Butroid (Conservative) was elected with 1,915 votes, Thomas Cox (Labour Party), 495 votes, Baptiste Velan (Liberal Democrats), 268 votes, and Quincy Connell (Lincolnshire Independents), 222 votes.

Results for the Nettleham and Saxilby Division: Jacqueline Brockway (Conservative) was elected with 2,052 votes, Angela White (Liberal Democrats), 478 votes, Morag Green (Labour), 336 votes and Benjamin Loryman (Green Party), 220 votes.

Result for the Scotter Rural Division: Clio Perraton-Williams (Conservative) was elected with 1,054 votes (Elected), Lesley Rollings (Liberal Democrats), 992 votes, Paul Howitt-Cowan (Independent), 390 votes and Robert Adderley (Labour Party), 276 votes.