Coronavirus: Almost 470,000 jabs administered in Lincolnshire

The number of COVID-19 vaccines given out in Lincolnshire last week dropped by nearly 35%, but with more than 419,000 first doses now administered, there have been four days in a row without hospital deaths.

Coronavirus stock image.

The weekly data released today (Thursday) shows altogether 468,365 jabs have taken place between December 8 and April 4 — a further 32,282 in the last week but a massive drop on the 49,607 jabs given the week before.

The latest figures show that some 419,608 Lincolnshire residents received their first vaccine dose and 48,757 have been given their second.

Of those over the age of 50 a total of 324,412 have received their first vaccination and another 37,593 have had their second.

Some 95,196 people aged under 50 received their first dose, with a further 11,164 receiving a second jab. This includes those aged between 16 to 64 who are clinically vulnerable and at more risk of serious symptoms of coronavirus.

NHS figures released on Thursday showed no new hospital deaths being reported, the fourth day in a row.

Health experts have said there is a growing link between the two figures.

However, UK vaccine advisers said people aged 18 to 29 should be offered a different vaccine due to evidence linking AstraZeneca jabs to blood clots, despite the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) saying there was no proof the vaccine had caused the clots.

Office for National Statistics estimates put the total Lincolnshire population at 629,926, meaning that 74% have now received a jab.

In North Lincolnshire, a total of 109,165 (19,182 second doses) vaccines have been distributed and 87,084 (8,445 second doses) have received a jab in North East Lincolnshire.