Coronavirus: Council leader urges residents to follow guidelines after rise in cases in East Lindsey

Councillor Craig Leyland, Leader of East Lindsey District Council, has urged caution as Covid-19 cases in the district continue to rise.

Councillor Craig Leyland

In a statement, Councillor Leyland explained: “Until now we have been in a fortunate position, when compared to other areas of the country, to have only seen a minimal impact in terms of Covid-19 cases and restrictions.

“However, over the past two weeks it has become clear that we are now seeing a sustained rise in cases across Lincolnshire and, unfortunately, East Lindsey in particular.

“We are working with partners from the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum to understand the reasons behind this increase in cases within the district.

“As the work takes place, our Environmental Health team will be continuing their diligent work around ensuring compliance with the lockdown restrictions and this will be complemented by work being undertaken by our partner organisations.

“In the meantime I urge all our residents and businesses to follow the current lockdown restrictions and to help bring this virus under control by following the hands, face, space message - regularly cleaning our hands, wearing a face covering and continuing to observe social distancing can all help us curb the spread of the virus.

“Also, if you are displaying symptoms, please do ensure that you self-isolate and get tested as soon as possible.

“If we all come together in following these steps we can help limit the spread of Covid-19, help look after one another, and help ensure that we exit the lockdown period as smoothly as possible.”