CORONAVIRUS: Police issue one fine to man over refusing to wear mask in shop in county

Lincolnshire Police say they have issued only one fine to a person for refusing to comply with compulsory face coverings in shops since it was made compulsory.

One person fined over shop face masks

The Government brought in new regulations a month ago as part of the continued battle with coronavirus stating that the public must wear some sort of mask or covering on their face in enclosed public spaces like shops.

Lincolnshire Police have confirmed that they have issued one fixed penalty notice to a man who failed to wear a mask in a Boston shop on August 1.

Police say the man stated he had forgotten to bring one with him, but he then refused to buy one from the shop.

One of the force’s senior officers stressed that it was for businesses to manage adherence to the new rule in the first place, with police only becoming involved if they needed support for some reason.

Chief Superintendent Chris Davison said: “The spirit of the guidance is really clear: It is for businesses to manage the wearing of masks in their premises.

“But of course, we recognise there needs to be some support there, too. Where there’s issues of violence or threats, call us and we will attend and assist.”