Council reaffirms support to lower town roads' speed limit

Horncastle Town Council has reaffirmed its support to plans to lower a number of the town roads' speed limits.

Lincolnshire County Council’s planning & regulation committee have voted to reduce the 40mph speed limits on Lincoln Road, Thimbleby Hill, Spilsby Road, Boston Road and Langton Hill in Horncastle to 30mph.

A similar appeal to have the speed limit also reduced to 30mph on Louth Road was rejected due to the low density of residential houses on the road.

Lincolnshire County Council Highways is now proceeding with the statutory consultation process required to amend the speed limit order, and as part of this, the plans were discussed at Horncastle Town Council’s full council meeting on Tuesday.

Chairman and Mayor Councillor Brian Burbidge reaffirmed their support for the lowering of the speed limits:

"This is something we’ve been asking for a long, long time, how Louth Road doesn’t quite the criteria is quite incredible when you think of the volume of traffic that comes out of the [Wolds] Wildlife Park.

"I think it is very welcome and we should support and agree with it.”

This comes after a recent council report on the town’s speed signs revealed that the highest speed recorded on both Langton Hill was a shocking 70mph, while the highest on Spilsby Road was 63mph.

The councillors unanimously agreed to support the plans.

A county council spokesman has confirmed that the order will be made operative and signs installed in six months time.