Councillors offer to help school return

Town councillors in Horncastle have volunteered to offer any help they can in the planned return of primary school pupils on June 1.


Coun Alan Lockwood said the return offered a ‘golden opportunity’ for councillors to help the local community.

Speaking at last Tuesday’s town council meeting - the first in history to be held via an online website - Coun Lockwood suggested the council should approach Horncastle Community Primary School with an offer of assistance.

He said: “I am sure there will be some restrictions put in place at the start and finish of the (school) day.

“I think those of us who can, should put ourselves forward as volunteers to help children in and out of school.

“The Government is pretty insistent this (the return) will happen in some way or shape.

“We are all aware of the problems there are on Bowl Alley Lane with traffic and pedestrians, and social distancing will add to that.

“Perhaps we could help with marshalling duties and make sure children and parents keep their distance.

“It is a lot to task teachers to do everything. It’s also a way of showing the school - and the community - we are here to help.”

Mayor Coun Fiona Martin said she thought it was an excellent idea.

She explained many parents and guardians walked to school but admitted it was ‘not something everyone could do’. She added: “I’m not so sure what the school is planning but I see no reason why we couldn’t at least offer to help.”

There have been suggestions different years groups could be asked to start and finish schools at different times - to ease health and safety fears.

Coun Lockwood and Councillor Richard Barker pointed out parking and congestion were an ongoing concern in Bowl Alley Lane.

Coun Lockwood added: “I know the authorities have tried to solve this. I’m sure there will be some restrictions brought in, otherwise it will be chaos.”