Councillors visit ​Blyton Park Race Track to recognise its contribution to the district's leisure industry

West Lindsey District Council was invited to Blyton Park Race Track, a ‘hidden gem’ tucked away in the district.
Coun Trevor Young, James Makinson-Sanders, Coun Lesley Rollings and Alan MugglestoneCoun Trevor Young, James Makinson-Sanders, Coun Lesley Rollings and Alan Mugglestone
Coun Trevor Young, James Makinson-Sanders, Coun Lesley Rollings and Alan Mugglestone

The business attracts between 25,000 to 30,000 visitors annually and has become a vibrant hub for fast cars and thrilling experiences.

Coun Trevor Young, leader of the council, and Coun Lesley Rollings, deputy leader, visited the business to understand how it plays a significant role in the leisure industry.

Managing directors, Alan and Angie Mugglestone, have been operating Blyton Park for four years and has experienced the growth and popularity of the business.

Alan said: “We are hidden gem. We get so many visitors here and 50 per cent of people stay in hotels, having meals at the Black Horse Inn and supporting the local economy.

“In terms of our track, it is very safe. If you accidently find yourself off the track, you are more than likely just going to end up in fields.”

Alan has grown up in this business and appreciates new people coming into the industry, especially young people.

He said February to October is the active season and Blyton Park has a total of 20 non-track days. Outside of these days the track is closed for repairs.

He said: “We have something on every weekend here. For a Super Car Experience, we can get about 400 people over a day.

“What most people do not know either is that we are an anti-clockwise track. Most tracks are usually clockwise. We also have the British Sprint Championship here. So, that consists of about 110 entries plus marshals, spectators and more.”

Coun Rollings said: “It has been a pleasure to visit Blyton Park Race Track and see just how hard they have worked and their dedication to motor sport, tourism and the local community.

“Recreational leisure activities are crucial to our health and wellbeing, and I look forward seeing them continue to develop for the future.”

Coun Young said: “It was great seeing how Blyton Park Race Track has developed over time into a place people enjoy and come to from across the country and even abroad.

“As a council, we are committed to supporting local businesses to achieve their full potential by providing a wide range of tailored support at any stage of their business cycle.”