Debbie dons her posh frock to walk once more for church funds

A Howsham woman is delighted to be getting out her posh frock - but rather than heels, she will be accompanying her outfit with walking boots.
Debbie Clark prepares for her walkDebbie Clark prepares for her walk
Debbie Clark prepares for her walk

After her successful lockdown posh frock walk last year, Debbie Clark is putting her best foot forward again this weekend.

She will head off on her ‘From our church to yours’ #poshfrock walk #2 this Saturday to raise money for Cadney Church.

Debbie said: “You are more likely to see a blue moon or a pig flying than see me in a dress, but I am raising money for our church and if it makes it stand out a bit more I don’t mind doing it.”

Debbie clark on one oher practice walksDebbie clark on one oher practice walks
Debbie clark on one oher practice walks

The sponsored walk will cover around 17 miles, from All Saints Cadney to St Mary’s at Barton - and Debbie will be stopping at all the churches along the route.”

She will be starting from Cadney church, then walking to all the churches in the benefice group – Brigg, Wrawby, Worlaby and Bonby.

She will also, then carry on to visit the churches at Saxby, Horkstow, South Ferriby and finishing at St Mary’s church, Barton, the main church of the Deanery.

Debbie said: “I plan to do it all in one day and I will have a few people walking different parts of it with me.”

She continued: “In the Brigg group of churches we have now had over a year with no vicar and during that time the Rural Dean, Fr David Rowett, who is also the vicar for the Barton Group of Churches, has been helping out with services, answering our questions and generally offering support.”

Debbie will leave Cadney at 9am to walk to Brigg and once they have done a photo of to document the event, she will move on to the next church.

At each church, she will collect whoever is doing the next part of the walk with her and carry on again.

Debbie said: “I’m hoping that I will be meeting someone from each church to say hello and help me get my photo as my evidence, although I will be using the app Strava that maps where you have walked as well.”

Last year, Debbie did a week of ‘posh frock’ walks in May from Howsham to Cadney and back again each day in a different dress to raise money for Cadney church, as they had been unable to do their usual fundraising.

Debbie said: “We still haven’t been able to do much fundraising this year and a few weeks ago a couple who had sponsored me last year, stopped to talk to me when I was walking to Cadney and asked if I was doing it again.

“I said I wouldn’t do the same again, but it got me thinking and decided to maybe do one longer walk this year.

“After a bit of thinking, the idea of walking ‘From Our Church to Yours’ was born.”

Debbie added: “If you see me on the route, please give me a wave and even better a donation.

“All money raised will help with the maintenance and running costs for the church and church hall.

“I can promise that all money raised will be spent very wisely and will be very much appreciated.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so through Debbie’s online fundraising page.


Debbie will also be putting all her photos on the Cadney and Howsham Facebook page for everyone to see how she got on - and of course sending them to the Rasen Mail.

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