Dedicated dog lover praised for raising more than £33,000 for Lincolnshire rescue centre

Her efforts have had a “profound impact” on the charity’s ability to rescue and rehome dogs in need
Prolific fundraiser Ann Gregory pictured at one of her yard sales in aid of Jerry Green Dogs in Algarkirk.Prolific fundraiser Ann Gregory pictured at one of her yard sales in aid of Jerry Green Dogs in Algarkirk.
Prolific fundraiser Ann Gregory pictured at one of her yard sales in aid of Jerry Green Dogs in Algarkirk.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk is celebrating the remarkable fundraising achievements of one its local supporters.

Ann Gregory has raised a staggering £33,068.92 for the dog rescue centre over the past six years by organising various fundraising events.

So dedicated is Ann to pooches in need that she and her husband Malc have even become foster carers for dogs at the centre.

Ann and husband Malc.Ann and husband Malc.
Ann and husband Malc.

A spokesperson for Jerry Green Dog Rescue said Ann had “exceeded all expectations” of a local fundraiser: “Ann’s unwavering dedication to the cause has made a significant impact, with a total of £6,364.92 raised in 2023 alone,” they said.

“Ann’s fundraising journey began in 2018 when she and husband Malc started bringing donations to our South Lincolnshire Centre, in Algarkirk, which was opened in 1997. In early 2020, they took their commitment to the next level by becoming foster carers, eventually adopting Poppy in July 2020.

"Inspired by their love for dogs, Ann initiated various fundraising activities, starting with selling bric-a-brac items from her home in Holbeach. One of her notable events was ‘Brew Up for a Pup’ held in her garden last year, where friends and family gathered to support the cause.

"Her dedication extends beyond personal efforts, as she actively engages with the community, helping others organise fundraising activities such as tombola’s, and securing collection box placements on behalf of Jerry Green Dog Rescue.”

Bethan Killelay, community fundraiser at the charity said: “Ann’s commitment and enthusiasm for supporting Jerry Green Dog Rescue is truly commendable. Her creativity and resourcefulness have had a profound impact on our ability to rescue and rehome dogs in need.”

Ann was recently invited to plant a tree at the centre, which Bethan says will stand as “a living tribute to Ann’s commitment to us as an organisation, and a reminder of the impact one amazing individual can make to a charity like ours.”

Ann commented: “I began fundraising because of my love for dogs and I wanted to make a difference in my spare time. I love everything about what I do to support Jerry Green Dog Rescue and the support that I get from my community is so rewarding.”

The spokesperson added: “Jerry Green Dog Rescue extends heartfelt gratitude to Ann, Malc and the entire community for their ongoing support. The funds raised will play a crucial role in continuing the organisation’s commitment to providing love, care and a second chance at happiness for dogs in need.”

To find out more about Jerry Green Dogs South Lincolnshire centre, or to donate, visit their website.

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