Dinosaurs arrive under wraps at new attraction in Skegness

A giant crane has been spotted lifting 'dinosaurs' into a new attraction in Skegness.

W-raptor - a headless dinosaur in bubble wrap is lifted by crane into a new attraction in Skegness at the former Model Village site.

The dinosaur takeover at the former Model Village site has begun ahead of the official opening next week.

Plans for the attraction were revealed to the Skegness Standard in May after the giant models were spotted being stored at a former supermarket used for storage by Teen Spirit, who have owned the Model Village for six years.

Generations had visited the Model Village since it opened in the 1960s - and it was made famous in Brian Sadler's book, Big Joy of Small Villages.

But Teen Spirit explained nostalgia doesn't pay for its upkeep and they had been forced to make a tough decision about its future.

Charlton Cooper, a director for Teen Spirit which also owns Skegness Aquarium next door, told the Standard that people were not interested in model villages anymore and the company had seen the numbers of visitors decline over the years.

The new dinosaur experience will be linked to Skegness Aquarium creating a natural progression through evolution and a greater offer for the schools curriculum as well as for visitors.

The beautiful Model Village gardens have been maintained and the fountains renovated creating a dinosaur world where people can easily spend an hour before exploring the rest of the Aquarium.

There will be a fossil dig, a five-meter-long, full size skeleton of a Triceratops dinosaur and crocodile models linked to the Jurassic age.

For the full story and pictures, see next week's edition of the Skegness Standard.

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