Dog groomer from near Skegness nominated in Animal Star Awards top 10

A dog groomer who only started her business in Orby four years ago is in the top 10 nominations in the Animal Star Awards.

Sarah Earle of Black Nose Grooming  has been nominated for an award.
Sarah Earle of Black Nose Grooming  has been nominated for an award.

Animal Star Awards (ASA) recognise the extraordinary things animals and humans do for one another – but Sarah Earle of Black Nose Grooming says she has no idea who nominated her.

Sarah, from Leicestershire, moved to Orby to set up her business four years ago.

“Not only did I move to a new area but I followed my dream and opened the door to a new exciting adventure, putting to use all my fabulous qualifications,,” she said:

"From that day I have never looked back. and have been so fortunate that because of the pandemic so many people got dogs that need grooming.

“I have the most amazing customers and love seeing all their four-legged best friends every day.

“ I live my dream every day. when I walk into the salon and see a wet nose and wagging tail.

"When I got the call to say I had been nominated for an award with the Animal Star Awards (ASA) and had been shortlisted to be in the final 10 in the UK, I could not believe it and was on cloud nine.

“It’s the best feeling.

“But the truth is the real winners are my furry friends.

“I strive to give the best personal service to dog that walks through my door, whether that is young, old, nervous, or calm.

"I love to keep on top of my training and learn new techniques.

“I am proud to be able to serve the east coast.

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