Dozens of objections against plans for 198 homes in North Thoresby

Proposals for a large housing development in the village of North Thoresby have been condemned by residents.

One of the planning documents, showing the location of the proposed homes. The A16 can be seen to the west of the planned development site.
One of the planning documents, showing the location of the proposed homes. The A16 can be seen to the west of the planned development site.

The main causes of concern have been the large size of the proposed estate, flooding, concerns over traffic and an increased risk of accidents at the nearby junction with the A16, and concerns for wildlife.

The plans were submitted by Cyden Homes Ltd at the end of June, and validated by the district council on July 1.

Planning documents state that the proposal is for “the erection of 198 dwellings with associated garages and construction of a vehicular and pedestrian access” on land at Ludborough Road.

Cyden Homes’ documents add that the proposals comply with the ELDC’s Local Plan for residential development, and would be an “appropriate form of development” for the area.

However, within days of the planning application going live on the council’s online planning portal, several letters were submitted by residents against the plans.

One letter, submitted on behalf of Shirley Temp, states: “The development will deliver serious road and safety issues if allowed to go ahead.

“The junction at the entrance to the village from the A16 has to be one of the worst in the area for road traffic accidents. The other entrance has no pathways or street lighting which would lead to the main road on to the estate in question.

“The traffic in the village would be hugely increased; the centre of the village is a danger in itself without adding nearly 200 families worth of traffic. The residents of this village do not want this!”

Another letter, submitted by Mrs Jane Matthews, said: “(North) Thoresby is a quaint little village and I feel that this development will be like sticking a mini estate on the edge.

“(It will) have an ongoing effect on the environment and population and put more pressure on the current services, and needs further serious consideration before a decision is made.”

Mr Ian Wright added: “A development of this size is entirely inappropriate to the size and nature of the village and its location.

“Its character will be entirely altered, with the development adding at least 25% - and possibly more - to the population, with all the various knock on effects, especially traffic through the village and on to the A16.”

Jennifer Ross wrote: “The size of the proposed development is excessive and isn’t in keeping with the character of the village and would be detrimental to the appearance of North Thoresby. The size of the development and volume of additional families will mean that certain village amenities will become overloaded, in particular the small village school. The additional housing will lead to increased road traffic which will overload an already inadequate road infrastructure.”

• The Leader contacted Cyden Homes for comment, but did not receive a response before going to press.

• For more information on this application, and to view letters of representation and submit your own, visit ELDC’s online planning portal and search for: N/133/01413/21.